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Contact this site for seismic equipment rental. Follow this link to go to the home page for  If you are adding seismic equipment to a system you already have there are a few details you will need to know about the seismic equipment you already have. Find out what brand or who manufactures the seismic equipment you are currently using. Cable connectors for engineering geophysics can be different for 12 and 24 channel seismographs, see photographs below. There are special seismic adapters that sometimes allow seismic cables to be interchanged. It helps if you have a photo of your plug or know the model. As for geophones, it is not recommended to mix different frequency geophones. Usually, it is not a good idea to mix brands or models unless you have detailed specifications that can be used to match geophones. Once again, a photograph of your seismic equipment can help reduce confusion. As with many types of seismic equipment rentals, even the geophone connectors can vary. Kooter and mueller clip connectors are found on many types of cables. Don’t forget to ask for a trigger. A trigger is a piece of seismic equipment used to turn on or trigger a seismograph. A good trigger is repeatable and is capable of starting the seismograph the moment seismic energy is placed or injected in to the ground. For shallow seismic refraction surveys or reflections surveys, a trigger is taped to a sledge hammer handle.


Follow this link to find help with multichannel analysis of surface waves.

Seismic Equipment Common 24 Channel Connector

Seismic Equipment Common 24 Channel Connector

Seismic 12 Channel Connector Seismic Equipment

Seismic Equipment Common 12 Channel Connector

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